Lafayette v/d Hagenhorst

Deel mij:

Lafayette van de Hagenhorst is a very athletic stallion with a great canter, who has a natural balance and elasticity. With a more than sportive family, a great model and fantastic jumping qualities, we think he will have a wonderful career both as showjumper and breeding stallion!

Lafayette van de Hagenhorst is a first class athlete.

One glance at his physique, canter and attitude and you immediately know that this horse is made to jump. With a mother who jumps 1.60 and a father who is gaining an increasingly good name as a sire, it could hardly be any better in terms of genes.

Lafayette is a offspring of the mare, Libelle I (by Coronado x Caletto II, Holsteiner damline 776). Together with rider Angelique Hoorn, Libelle jumped at the highest level. This winning duo had victories in Leipzig, Zuidlaren, Sankt Gallen, Maastricht and Den Haag.

The Holsteiner damline 776 guarantees jumping qualities of an above-average standard, and that’s no different a story in Lafayette’s direct family. Libelle’s mother, Werina I, gave several GP horses. Further in the damline we see several international showjumpers and the approved stallions Leandro and Leroy.

Damline 776 is also the damline of the approved stallions Accorado I and II, Calvados I and II, Lordanos and Lucky Boy. That Libelle passes on her qualities is apparent from her son Galileo van de Hagenhorst (by Numero Uno) and daughters Beau van de Hagenhorst (by Big Star Jr.KZ) and Ute (v. Lansing).

On Lafayette’s father’s side we see the popular stallion Carrera VDL, who is starting to surpass his father, Cardento VDL, as sire. Not only did Carrera jump at the 1.60 level, he is also the nephew of the living legend Tinka’s Boy. This recognised champion won a World Cup final, silver at the European Championships and team silver at the Olympic Games. Vantiels Esprit (by Baloubet du Rouet), sister to Tinka’s Boy and mother to Carrera, jumped herself as well, achieving good results at GP level.

Lafayette is a very athletic, studious horse with a great canter and a lot of balance. With a mother who performed at the highest level, an equally acquitted father and his own extraordinary qualities, it looks like that Lafayette is a special addition to our stallion collection. Lafayette jumps at 1.30 level with Marco Sas.


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