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The stallions of Hagenhorst

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True champions

Onze hengsten


Tolkien, bred out of the Querly Chin damline with no less than seven mothers in a row who jumped 1.40 or higher. That combined with a real showjumping exterior, fantastic jumpingmanners and a great character. A real eyecatcher!

Lafayette v/d Hagenhorst

Lafayette van de Hagenhorst is a very athletic stallion with a great canter, who has a natural balance and elasticity. With a more than sportive family, a great model and fantastic jumping qualities, we think he will have a wonderful career both as showjumper and breeding stallion!

Never Lose

Never Lose is a stallion with a breeding to dream of, a great attitude and no limited scope. All together: beauty, quality and rare genes!

Defender Z

Defender Z is a blend of top sport blood!
A once in a lifetime horse with athletic scope, a phenomenal character and a fabulous jumping technique!

King Blue

King Blue is an impressive and chic stallion, knows how to jump and would go through a ring of fire for his rider. Given these qualities he could be a great asset to your breeding program.